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December 8, 2013
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Fu Ling - illegibilus by CreamTopaz Fu Ling - illegibilus by CreamTopaz

:bulletblue: Edit 1 2/27/2014: Fu changed from her cut short hair to long wavy hair, thanks to Sai's long hair charm. 
:bulletblue: If you find an issue you don't like about my OC, feel free to tell me via note. I'm more than willing to understand and possibly fix the issue.

NAME: Fu Ling
AGE: 17
HOUSE: :iconravenclawshieldplz: Ravenclaw (The house of the intelligent) 
BIRTHDAY: September 30th
HEIGHT / WEIGHT: 176cm / 60kg
PET: Hornbill
WAND INGREDIENTS: Applewood with Unicorn Hair core, ten and three quarter inches, Supple

PERSONALITY: | Generous | Confident | Stubborn | Impatient | Clever | Honest | Studious | Protective

Fu Ling is quite the witch. Growing up with parsimonious parents, one would think Fu would be as penny-pinching as them. However, Fu is quite the generous teenager. She is always taking on much more than she can chew, in order to make other people happy. However she does have a breaking point when she becomes quite impatient with people, becoming quite stubborn in getting her way. Should she become really angered, people get hexed.

Like most Ravenclaws, Fu is quite clever and studious. By clever, it's not just book smarts. Her sharp tongue, and sassy lines make her quite the young lady. No only sassy, but rather honest in how she speaks to people. She will tell anyone what is on her mind if she wants to. Sugar coating anything is quite the waste of time.

Overall, Fu keeps her emotions in check and tries her best not to get too worked up when things don’t go her way. However, she tends to go overboard in hexing anyone bullying her friends. Very protective of people, she can sometimes seem very doting. Like a mother hen and all her baby chicks. While it may cause some to cringe, others have seemed to take a liking to constantly being checked up on by the Ravenclaw. 


Fu Ling was born into a family who claimed to be ‘pure-bloods’. Of course, like every pure-blood family there were stains on what could be the perfect family tree. Her family only counted the witches and wizards in her family starting from her great-grandfather. Her mother and father were ecstatic to have twins to continue the Ling legacy. Raising Fu and her sister Ru with the utmost care and strict rules, they hoped to mold them into mediwizards just like themselves. It wasn't until Fu was 8 years old that she showed magical properties. (While her sister Ru showed them at age 4) While playing doctor with her house elf Obba, Fu threw a tantrum when Obba wasn’t playing sick enough. The poor house elf was sent flying into the next room, and Fu was able to play doctor with the unconscious house elf until her parents returned home. Thankful that the Lings did not have a squib, they prepared her for wizarding school along with her sister. There was talk about moving so Fu and Ru could go to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, however they decided against it, as they went to Hogwarts themselves when they were young.

During the time before her Hogwarts letter, Fu showed an interest in, not medical, but fashion. She was always creating outfits for her dolls. She took to arts and crafts classes at 10, and was starting to learn advanced sewing when her letter for Hogwarts arrived when she turned 11. However, because school started September 1st and her birthday is September 30th, it wasn't till she was 12 that she was able to go. Having a year to get her supplies, her parents spent more money getting her better supplies. One of which was her pet hornbill, Leonardo.

On September 1st, Fu, Ru, and their parents arrived at King’s Cross Station Platform 9¾. Making sure the girls had everything, and giving them a stern lesson on studying at all times. Don’t mingle so much with mudbloods, and make their Slytherin parents proud. Getting on the train with the other first years, she sat quietly with her sister by the window until the train pulled out of the station at exactly 11 o’clock. Turning to the other kids her age, she grinned and watched her sister talking to everyone who would continue a conversation.

Crossing the Black Lake, and waiting in the great hall, Fu eyed all the houses. When her name was called, she walked up and listened as the hat was placed upon her head. It took the hat a few moments, before yelling out “RAVENCLAW”. Once the hat was taken off, she happily went over to greet her new house friends. However her stomach sank, watching as her sister was placed in Slytherin. Seperated. While they may have the same faces, they were nothing alike, and it wasn't until then did Fu accept that. But, before she knew it, the great feast came to an end, and she was taken to find out where she would be staying for the rest of Hogwarts.

Classes were fascinating, and Fu did her best to have excellent marks. Not only because she had a house reputation to uphold, but anything less than the best was not acceptable in her family. Her best subjects were Charms, Transfiguration, and Astronomy. During Christmas, she chose to stay at school as an act of defiance when her parents started getting upset finding out she was a Ravenclaw and not a Slytherin. The constant "Why can't you be like Ru."  "Ru made it into Slytherin." "Why you no make it." "Ravenclaw does not win house cup." It wasn't till the end of the year that they stopped harassing her about it and toned it down to the occasional snide comment.

By her third year she taking pride in divination and practicing hexes. Not only that, but she had taken over as Quidditch Commentator. Most of the school took a liking to her commentating. It was a soothing voice but filled with witty comments about the players. Near Christmas time, after getting her parents permission, she made her first trip to Hogsmeade. During the trip, she protected one of her muggleborn friends, by hexing a rude Slytherin 4th year. Soon after the slytherin apologized and they became unlikely friends. Afterwards she started making a bit more commentary on a certain Slytherin seeker. Fu then took it easy during her 4th year, knowing that all her 5th year she’d be working hard for her O.W.L.s.  In 5th year, Fu studied hard, and was barely seen outside of the library, classes or Quidditch commentary. Her hard studying paid off, with all O's on the O.W.L. Exam. She accepted this pride, as her sister Rue got a few E's in some subjects. Earning her parents respect, she now intends to do what makes her happy, instead of her parents. 

Now a 6th year, she has taken out time to help other students for Balls, Birthdays, and other events which one must look fashionable. She is frequently helping others, and most of the time, hanging out with friends instead of studying. She hopes to enjoy the last years at Hogwarts before she goes into the world. 

Core Classes:
Defense Against the Dark Arts
History of Magic

Care of Magical Creatures

Quidditch Announcer for Ravenclaw

Singing: Singing engrish 

+ Silk
+ Quidditch matches
+ Form fitting skirts
+ Flowers
+ Butterbeer
+ Merpeople

- Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans
- Wizard Chess
- Her parents constant snide remarks about being Ravenclaw
- Thunderstorms
- Small places


Disarming Charm - Expelliarmus
Causes the target's wand to fly from their hand. With sufficient power behind it, a Disarming Charm may throw a victim back forcefully. Disarming Charms are mutually off-setting - when cast against each other, they generally deflect. The Disarming Charm is also an effective counter to many spells.

Aguamenti Charm - Aguamenti
Produces a jet of water from the caster's wand.

Confundus Charm - Confundo
Causes the victim to become easily confused and readily manipulated - a confunded individual follows most orders without question, but not especially competently.

Undetectable Extension Charm - Extenntis
Magically increases the internal area of a dwelling or container. Frequently used to create bottomless bags and mugs, and to create tents and structures with a larger-than-normal area.

Bubble-Head Charm - Ebullio capitis
Creates a bubble of fresh air around the caster's head, allowing them to breathe underwater, or in other normally inhospitable situations.

Imperturbable Charm - Turbatis
Renders an object - such as a door - impenetrable both to sounds and objects. Useful for ensuring the privacy of one's conversations.

Mei Ling - Mother
Kuan Ling - Father
Ru Ling - Sister


Lawrence Kingston - {Boyfriend} :star::star::star::star::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
Alice Barry - {Best Friend}:star::star::star::star::star::star:
Sai Valentine - {Best Friend} :star::star::star::star:
Nadi Chota :star::flame:
Samuel Morse: :flame::flame::flame:
Tristan LlEWellyn: :flame:

❉ Has a habit of humming while on walks, or singing while working on projects. (Such as making outfits for some housemates for a few galleons.)
❉ Dreams often of having a grand wedding when she’s older.

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Welner and Karl should come over since all purebloods are welcome, and have some victory tea.
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